What Is a CASB | Security Threat Protection from Abusing Apps

What Is a CASB

A CASB is an acronym for Cloud Access Security Broker. This type of software monitors what happens on your company’s cloud applications, and blocks any suspicious activity that could lead to a data breach or security threat. In today’s world, all companies need this kind of protection in order to keep their sensitive information safe from the bad guys. This software is also commonly referred to as a Cloud Access Security Gateway (CASG), but the concept behind it remains the same.

The Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a security system that brokers access to resources. It authenticates and de-duplicates requests for the cloud, while also providing identity assurance services like encryption or tokenization of sensitive data in transit before it reaches its final destination on remote servers

What does an entity called “the cloud” do?

The answer lies within this term’s definition: ‘a large shared repository where users store information.’ CASBs play integral roles by handling both authentication tasks as well as ensuring customers are who they say they are when requesting certain pieces from these clouds using SSL VPN tunnels which protect against data breaches.

This is helpful to the average person because it allows them more time to focus on other aspects of their business by not having to worry about who has access or what they are accessing, which ultimately saves money and energy that would otherwise be required for this type of management.

CASBs also play a role in enforcing security policy compliance across multiple cloud applications as well as monitoring malicious behavior within these types of platforms, whether someone is using company data outside the confines of the organization’s network perimeter or if an employee is purposely trying to steal information from another user without permission . It also provides organizations with greater visibility into all traffic traversing through its networks so admins can properly identify threats no matter where they originate.

What the Cloud Access Security Broker does it provide a secure connection between your on-premise resources and those in the cloud. This essential service helps to protect data by securing its transmission from one location within an organization’s network perimeter back another with strong cryptographic algorithms, HTTPS encryption, VPN tunneling etc., so that even if someone were able break through our firewall they wouldn’t be able track what is being done or who has accessed something at any point during this process because all traffic remains confidential as well as undetectable.

Provide Risk Analysis On The Data

Another way that a CASB can help your organization is with its ability to provide risk analysis on the data you are sharing in the cloud.

This provides an important layer of protection by allowing organizations to detect and prevent threats before they even happen, while at the same time providing visibility into their own cloud usage which helps improve compliance requirements. Finally it also allows businesses to monitor outbound traffic while inspecting all incoming connections for malware or risky behavior such as ransomware attacks etc., so if something were ever detected during any stage of this process then remediation actions could be taken right away making sure business continuity isn’t compromised. These kinds of services may seem costly but when we consider what would happen should security fail them it becomes clear.